Portugal Beaches: The Algarve

I confess– I’m a beach fanatic. I love taking a trip to coastlines throughout the globe because, to me, every coastline has its own personality. Yet, all have that very same high quality I enjoy, which is the ability to instill instantaneous calmness. That’s right, those rough, craggy beaches with the difficult waves collapsing on the rocks can instill instantaneous calmness.

Someone asked me if I had to select exactly one coastline to visit, which one would it be? The Algarve in Portugal stood out right into my head. It isn’t a coastline, it’s more of an area (the southern part of Portugal). The Algarve is so varied, it genuinely provides whatever beach is going to fit my mood.

Let’s start with a little geography. Going west, the western tip of The Algarve is completion of continental Europe. In fact, in old times, the area was thought to be the side of the globe. So, when you’re taking in the sunlight on the coastlines of The Algarve, it’s enjoyable to just imagine to being on the Earth’s edge.

There more than 90 miles of coastlines in the Algarve. Beginning on the west coastline, there are the windward beaches with large dunes. That translates to an extraordinary sight. If you prefer cove-type beaches which are a lot more secluded, go to the southern coast.

One of my favored coastlines in The Algarve lies southern of Lagos on the western shore called the Dona Ana, which is a cluster of coves. Dona Ana is just the best area getting lost in the appeal of The Algarve. I can sit here for hours. When I’m there, it’s enjoyable to discover the numerous caverns and underground chambers which can be found here. I can’t think of a better place to enjoy the water and coastline than at the Algarve in Portugal.

If you’re considering a trip to take a break, I certainly recommend The Algarve, Portugal. Your spirit will be glad you made the journey.